Stack Wall’s Fireproof Fences Are the Best Against Wildfires

Fireproof fences

In our previous blog, we discuss the need for fireproof fencing and how it can help reduce the risk of fire damage and destruction, especially in California where wildfires are increasing. One of the best materials for fireproof fencing is stone, masonry or concrete. Luckily for Southern California, Stack Wall has fireproof fences made from concrete, so let’s take a look at specific Stack Wall products.

Stack Wall’s Fireproof Fences

The first detail you should know about Stack Wall is that our precast concrete is high quality, eco-friendly and cost-effective. All of our concrete fencing and walls are rebar enforced. Our concrete material makes our walls and fences nonflammable. Most fences are made from wood, vinyl or metal, which can be flammable.

“If you have a wood fence, it is just going to add to the flames,” said Chris Manko with Stack Wall. “It is solid concrete, so it is going to last most brush fires that are coming by.”

Stack Wall concrete fences and walls are the best solution for areas that are high risk for wildfires, which includes Southern California.

The best part about Stack Wall’s fireproof fences and walls is that they can be installed for residential as well as commercial properties, so there is no limit to what you can protect with Stack Wall.

Fireproof fences 2


At Stack Wall, there are over 100 different designs for the fireproof fences and walls.

Our designs include brick, ornamental, picket, stone and wood. We also offer decorative wall/caps, too.

Any of these will help aid against wildfires.

Order Stack Wall’s Fireproof Fences Today

You can order your fireproof fences and walls today at Stack Wall. Contact us to get your home or business protected against wildfires.

In the meantime, check out our FAQ for any questions or concerns you may have.

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