Concrete Fence: The Strong & Eco Friendly Way to Protect Your Space

For over 10 years Stack Wall has been in business providing Commercial and Residential properties with high quality, eco-friendly decorative precast concrete fencing, adding style and a sense of security. Whether you’re a property owner or developer looking to add style and durability, Stack Wall provides a high-grade concrete fence that will be able to withstand the elements for years.

Benefits for Our Precast Concrete Fence Panels

Eco friendly materials

100% Rebar enforced concrete

Competitive costs to the other alternatives of stone, brick, or wood

Enhances curb appeal and property value

Completely customizable

Engineered to withstand winds up to 105 MPH

Maintenance free

Resilient in all climates

Mold, rust, and termite proof


Better than vinyl, wood, and more cost effective than block wall.

Our precast concrete fences are more durable and eco friendly compared to plastic vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing is comparable in pricing but in extreme temperatures it has major discoloration and warps the fencing by making it expand or bend. Vinyl is also susceptible to all weather conditions that can cause it to become brittle and have major discoloration. Meanwhile wood fencing can be extremely vulnerable to termites and can warp similarly to vinyl fencing and needs continuous maintenance. For those looking for a better alternative, look no further than Stack Wall and our concrete walls!

Over 100 Fence & Wall Designs

You can build a concrete fence from over 100 fence and wall designs and colors to create the perfect concrete fence panels to secure your property. Each fence is customizable to vary in height between 2 and 10 feet and allows you the opportunity to mix and match different designs. In fact, each panel weighs about 170lbs and has reinforced rebar frames inserted into each individual panel, giving these beautiful cement fences the ability to withstand all weather conditions.


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