Material Cost

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#Natural Single SidedColor Single SidedNatural Double SidedColor Double Sided
2 Panel Tall (3ft 4in)$45 / Linear Foot$48 / Linear Foot$70 / Linear Foot$76 / Linear Foot
3 Panel Tall (5ft)$50 / Linear Foot$53 / Linear Foot$75 / Linear Foot$81 / Linear Foot
4 Panel Tall (6ft 8in)$55 / Linear Foot$58 / Linear Foot$80 / Linear Foot$86 / Linear Foot
5 Panel Tall (8ft 4in)$60 / Linear Foot$65 / Linear Foot$85 / Linear Foot$91 / Linear Foot
6 Panel Tall (10ft)$65 / Linear Foot$71 / Linear Foot$90 / Linear Foot$96 / Linear Foot