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After spending a small fortune on my back yard, I needed a wall that was not only functional but one that would enhance the look and feel of my backyard oasis. Being a frugal shopper, I received many quotes from cinder block wall masons and vinyl fencing companies, but unless I was willing to break the bank on upgrades, I felt that neither would add to the aesthetic I was trying to achieve. That is when I remembered a stacked concrete wall I had seen years earlier, so I researched that option. Wow, was I surprised at what I found at Stack Wall. They have a seemingly endless number of options and the cost was surprisingly low, a bit more than vinyl, but significantly less than a traditional block wall and a world away from the upgraded options that I felt would add the look and feel for which I was looking. I know I loved the look of the walls from their photos, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover my wall looked even better in person. Beyond the quality and beauty of the wall, Chris and his crew were on time, fast, courteous and clean. The job was done as promised in what seemed like the blink of an eye. As a Realtor I am very particular who I recommend to my clients and I can honestly say that I highly recommend Chris and Stack Wall to all my real estate clients shopping for new walls and fences.

January 11, 2014    ANAHEIM Hills   

It was time to install an extension to our wall. This one would be much larger and more complex to install, but after my last experience with Stack Wall, I knew they were the people for the job. Not only had I been delighted with their work, but, everyone I had shown my Stack Wall fence, had raved about it. Plus, every one of my clients who has installed one of Stack Wall’s fences has been similarly delighted, so I knew what to expect. I am happy to report that Chris and his crew did not disappoint. A beautiful wall that gets unsolicited positive responses from everyone who sees it. As a Realtor I am very careful when I recommend a client spend money on their home, unless I am confident they will get a positive return on their investment, but this is one of those purchases that, from my perspective, is nearly a sure thing.

October 12, 2017    ANAHEIM Hills