Concrete Walls in Los Angeles | Inland Empire | Orange County

Our precast concrete walls and concrete fences create the most efficient, durable and decorative fence system currently available on the market, providing services in Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and Orange County. Our precast fences are made of high-grade, precast concrete that will be able to withstand the elements for a lifetime. The concrete fences are not only strong, but can be used as a sound barrier and increase privacy on your property. Key benefits to Stackwall manufactured concrete fence walls include:

  • Quick, affordable precast concrete fence installation
  • Our precast concrete walls are Maintenance-free
  • Fraction of the cost of real stone, brick, or wood
  • Precast concrete walls are mildew resistant
  • 20-year warranty for all of our precast fences
  • Precast fences increase safety on any property
  • Precast concrete walls offer homeowner privacy
  • Precast fences enhance property value
  • Over 100 fence and wall Designs available
  • Precast fences are earthquake resistant
  • Reinforced with 3/4″ rebar
  • Los Angeles | Orange County | Inland Empire – California

Why choose the Stackwall PreCast Concrete Wall System?

Stackwall’s precast concrete wall fences are maintenance-free, and therefore less expensive to maintain compared to wood or chain-link fences. Concrete walls are resilient in all climates and because of its durability; the walls block sound and strong winds better than wood sound barriers. Stackwall’s concrete fences and walls are city-approved to withstand winds up to 105mph. Also, with the option of choosing from various styles and colors, not only will your property be safe, consequently, it will look beautiful and unique. Our post and panel system enables you to customize your concrete fence at an affordable price.


Benefits of Stackwall’s Concrete Stacked Fences

Decorative concrete fence wall panels, textured and styled facades, and colorful stains and dyes can go a long ways toward making a concrete wall look good. Concrete fences have some worthwhile benefits too, such as increased security for your yard and home (the neighbor’s dog isn’t the only one who will have trouble breeching such a substantial barrier), the ability to withstand high winds, durability against sun and weather, non-flammability (just in case your house is located in wild fire country), sound absorption (if you live by a busy street or freeway), privacy and of course concrete fences can last for years and years with relatively little maintenance.

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Why choose the Stackwall Concrete Wall System?

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