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What’s the Cost of a Concrete Fence/Wall?

You’re probably going through the process now if you’re reading this article. Research. You’re doing your homework and weighing out the options and you’re asking yourself questions in the meantime. Should I go with a less expensive vinyl fence? What about an even less expensive wood fence knowing I’ll have to replace it several times over the years, is it worth it to save money in the short run? Should I fork out the money for a block wall but know that it’s permanent? Then you came across what is known as a prefab concrete fence system…what is that exactly? And most importantly, how much?

A prefabricated concrete fence system sounds technical but is a pretty basic concept. Stackwall’s concrete panels are poured out and measure about 6.5ft long x 20” tall x 1.5-2in thick each. The posts are also made of concrete but are set like regular posts like wood or chain-link posts and don’t’ need a foundation like concrete blocks do. Slide the panels in between the posts, and you have a prefab concrete wall without the hassle and cost of a concrete block fence.

When it comes to cost, let me put it this way. Prefab walls aren’t the least expensive wall option you’ll find compared to wood, chain-link or vinyl but it sure is less expensive than the concrete block route and guess what, once it’s in, it’s in and there’s no maintenance. You don’t have to worry about staining or power washing or fading from the sun because I’m sure you have better things to do with your time.

Why pay more you ask? A fence is a fence, who cares? As long as it serves its purpose and functions just fine, then what’s the point to spend more? Well, prefabricated concrete walls appeal to several types of people. Those who want a quality and visually appealing wall that stands out from the other boring fence options. Those who want a heavy-duty quality wall without the cost of concrete blocks for privacy and safety, and those who want to block out those pesky neighbors and never wan to hear or see them again…I get a lot of these phone calls.

Think about it this way, let’s say you’re buying tires for your car and can buy some pretty cheap ones to save you money now but need to replace them in two years or less depending on how much driving you’re doing. The next option is to pay a bit more now for higher quality tires that’ll be in good condition for at least 80,000 miles guaranteed. What is the best option for you at this point? Similarly, you can pay a bit more now for a prefab wall but never have to replace or maintain your fence ever again in the future. Or you might want to go with the cheaper fence route knowing you’ll have to do some repairs or replacing in the future. It’s a personal choice and everyone is in a different situation in his or her lives so the decision is ultimately up to you.

Overall, Stackwall’s prefab concrete wall system’s price points are extremely competitive and for many people, are surprisingly in their price range. You wouldn’t think that seeing the wall in person since it looks much more expensive than it actually is. Prefab walls are the option you just randomly came across and realized that it’s an appealing alternative. Who knew this little gem exists, well, it does! If you want to check out and compare price points for different wall types, check out our pricing article based on this: https://stackwall.com/archive/news/ stackwall-wood-chain-link-or-vinyl-fences-compare/ Stackwall has several design, height, and color options so it’s best to call or email for a free rough estimate over the phone or email.

Still not sure if Stackwall concrete walls are for you? Check out this video we’ve made for you to give you even more information on costs:
No pushy sales person will talk to you, I promise. We are just here to relay information to you and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at 909-397-5350 or at info@stackwall.com

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