Costs of Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fence

Costs of Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fence Is it expensive to buy and install concrete walls. Find out all about prices here. In terms of pricing, our base prices for Stackwall start about $30 per linear foot. This is just for materials since we’re a natural colored concrete. This is for pretty much any of our designs except for the picket style fences and the very ornate tops. This is for a wall up to 6 feet tall. If you want to integrate color into there, we have five different color options and it’s really not too much more. That goes up to $33 per linear foot. You have an option to do a design on one side of the wall or two sides of the wall. Pricing for that goes between $36 to $39 per linear foot depending on if you want color or not. How does this compare to other ty...

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