Replace Wood Fence With Concrete – Client Story

Wood Fence Replaced With Precast Concrete Wall – client story Here’s a story about one of our clients who wanted to replace a wood fence under specific weather conditions. One project that we really enjoyed working on was for a client of ours a few years back. He lives in San Bernadino. He gave us a call, he was just over his wood fence. In his area where he lives it had 90 mile an […]

Precast Concrete Wall Installation Process

Precast Concrete Wall Installation Process Curious about installation process of precast concrete walls and what to plan for? This video makes it easy. So let’s say you’re interested in our wall. You’re probably wondering what is the process, how does it work, what information you need. Based off of the information in pricing, if it’s something that’s in your range and your budget, we do offer free home estimates. You can give us a call, […]

Costs of Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fence

Costs of Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fence Is it expensive to buy and install concrete walls. Find out all about prices here. In terms of pricing, our base prices for Stackwall start about $30 per linear foot. This is just for materials since we’re a natural colored concrete. This is for pretty much any of our designs except for the picket style fences and the very ornate tops. This is for a wall up to […]