Stackwall, Wood, Chain link or Vinyl Fences – Let’s Compare Fences!

Stackwall, Wood, Chain link or Vinyl Fences – Let’s Compare Fences!

Stackwall, Wood, Chain link or Vinyl Fences – Let’s Compare Fences!

So many choices of fences, how do you make the right choice, the right decision. Fences protect, beautify, provide privacy and they are one if not the most important decision you will make in your backyard. Nicole helps to ensure that decision is right for you and your family.

So, why choose stock wall? Well, let’s compare it for different types of fences. You’ve got wood, chain link, vinyl and concrete block. Wood is very natural, looks nice, but you do need to treat it every single year. If you’re in a high wind area, chances are sections are going to fall down and we’ve replaced a lot of wood fences. Because of that reason alone you get termites that can go into them. California is very big on fire as well. So, wood obviously is going to burn easily.

Chain link, yes. It’s probably the most least expensive option, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing. It’s not very private either unless you want to throw a cloth on there. It’s up to the home owner.

Vinyl, it’s a good middle ground. It’s an affordable option, but again you’re buying plastic walls. If you’re building them on top of a concrete block, they’re essentially screwed in to the concrete. Again, wind can knock that over easily. You get darker colors of vinyl, chances are they’re going to warp and get kind of white. It depends on the vinyl.

Concrete blocks are yes, very durable, but you need trenches for them. You need footings. Installation costs are really high and materials alone are very high and actually concrete blocks are more expensive than stock walls.

What about a stock wall? What’s the benefit of that? Number one, we have different sizes and heights. You can go from two to eight feet tall. It helps the sound reduction. You don’t need footings or trenches like for a concrete blocked wall. They’re not going to burn. Termites are not going to eat them. They’re not going to warp like a plastic vinyl wall and we have over 100 designs to choose from and we have pretty competitive prices compared to the other walls. It’s kind of the middle ground. They’re going to be more expensive than chain link, wood and vinyl but definitely a lot less expensive than concrete blocks but you get value for what you pay for.

You’re not going to have to replace these walls. It’s concrete. They’re going to last a long time. I don’t want to be cheesy and say a lifetime, but it pretty much will and for resale value purposes people are going to see these walls. They’re going to love them. They’re beautiful. I clients always rave about them.

Safety wise, if you have children or pets, it’s going to contain your property nicely. We have a lot of clients with pets actually that can actually dig holes through wood fences or underneath chain link. Unless you have a monster dog that can make a hole through concrete then never mind, but for the most part you’re going to contain them. I’ve even had clients that have snake problems that live in the canyons. So, our walls can be quite a few inches under ground as well to prevent other animals from coming in. So, there’s definitely a lot of benefits.

In terms of wind, our walls can withstand up to 105 mile an hour winds. So, the list goes on and on and on and it’s affordable, it’s reliable, it’s functional as well, so. The prices are lower than anybody else.

Stackwall Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing prefab concrete fence and wall systems as well as other decorative outdoor cement products for residential, homeowner, contractor, developer, engineer, architect, and commercial and industrial associations

Stackwall Manufacturing has been involved in manufacturing concrete prefab fences systems since early 2005, serving the greater southern California area and open to service any other areas in the country. Our company is driven to provide the highest quality of service and product to our customers, such as residential, homeowner, contractor, developer, engineer, architect, and commercial and industrial associations.

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