Permits and Precast Concrete Wall Fence Installation

Permits and Precast Concrete Wall Fence Installation

Permits and Precast Concrete Wall Fence Installation

What about permits, what does it take to install a concrete wall to pass through inspection. Check out this video

So let’s say you’re interested in our wall. You’re probably wondering what is the process, how does it work, what information you need. Based off of the information in pricing, if it’s something that’s in your range and your budget, we do offer free home estimates. You can give us a call, and we can schedule whatever is convenient for you [?] time. We are available 7 days a week if need be. Also, after that, once we get measurements, I will email out just an itemized list; pricing for materials, for installation, for demolition, delivery, anything else that’s in there so you get a line by line list of what we’re working with in terms of pricing. We don’t finance but we do break up payments, just to make it easier for clients. And then after that basically you just choose which ever design you like and then schedule a date for installation. Before that, though, we have to manufacture all materials. We don’t have a lot of back stock. All of our orders are custom so that means we make it just for your project. Since we have so many different options and colors, we can’t make everything. So it’s honestly “easy-breezy.” We always communicate, get back to you right away. We have email, phone, fax, whatever is easiest for everybody. We try to get done within a reasonable time, so you can enjoy your new wall.

So you’re thinking about installing or getting a precast concrete wall installed but are unsure where to start? Nicole explains the process.Unsure about stackwall precast fence? check out other stackwall videos or email directly to and they will suggest the best option.

Need a fence for your house or a commercial project? Not sure which fence is the best? Talk to us, we can guide you and suggest the best choice for you! ~ Nicole

Stackwall Manufacturing has been involved in manufacturing concrete stackwall prefab fences systems since early 2005, serving the greater southern California area and open to service any other areas in the country. Our company is driven to provide the highest quality of service and product to our customers, such as residential, homeowner, contractor, developer, engineer, architect, and commercial and industrial associations.

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