Consider Installing Concrete Walls at wholesale prices!

When deciding on the type of fence to put up on the property there are several factors that need to be considered before you can make an informed decision. Cost can be one of the main concerns, but more often than not there are other features that can be more important such as maintenance, longevity, ease of installation or replacement, and overall aesthetics. Each of the different construction materials for the fence project has its list of positives and negatives, but for more applications tha...Read More

Prefabricated Concrete Walls & Fences

Our pre-cast concrete walls and concrete fences create the most efficient and durable decorative fence system available. Our fences are made of high-grade concrete that’s able to withstand the elements for a lifetime. Key benefits for Stackwall’s prefabricated concrete fences include: Economical Durable Maintenance-free Fraction of the cost of real stone, brick, or wood Mildew resistant Lasts a lifetime Increases safety Offers homeowner privacy Enhances property value No need for pai...Read More

Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fences Videos

We have created Stackwall videos that explain our process, costs, permits needed, fence comparisons and wholesale opportunities. If you have any particular questions please email us, we’d be happy to answer or assist. Why Concrete – Invest In Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fences Find out reasons why Stackwall precast concrete walls are your best choice! Wood Fence replacement to precast concrete wall – client story Here’s a story about one of our clients who wanted to r...Read More

Best Contractors and Landscape Architects choose concrete fences

Beautiful architecturally designed concrete fences have proven to be a valuable resource for contractors and landscape architects all over California, especially Southern California. The concrete fences that are now available can be adapted to meet your specific projects requirements no matter what they may entail. The most valued benefit of this solution is the ability to be constructed quickly while still allowing for the flexibility to alter the wall if necessary. As the popularity of concret...Read More

Why choose the Stackwall Concrete Wall System?

Why are Stackwall Concrete walls superior quality to other fences?  Stackwall’s precast concrete walls are easier to maintain and more affordable than wood fences or chain-link fences. The precast concrete walls block sound and strong winds better than wood sound barriers as well. The option to choose from various styles and colors enables homeowners to install a concrete fence that will complement their style, match the landscaping, and enhance the beauty of flowers and shrubs. Contact us...Read More

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