Earthquakes & Precast Concrete Wall Fence Safety

Earthquakes & Precast Concrete Wall Fence Safety

Earthquakes & Precast Concrete Wall Fence Safety

Living in an earthquake prone area? Let’s stay safe! This video tells you how.

So, especially in California, we have earthquakes. We don’t really have to worry about hurricanes or anything like that. You’re probably wondering how does a concrete wall withstand to an earthquake. Well, anything could be damaged for the most part. If there were a big earthquake in California, the benefit with a stack wall, if any sections were to become cracked, it’s a section. You can replace a panel. Concrete block walls, you get a crack going through it, for the most part your have to replace the entire wall. So, the one benefit with stack wall, it’ll still be safe. Chances are slim to none that the whole wall will fall over. Our posts go in the ground, which exceed 30 inches, which is well above what’s required for this type of a wall. So in the case that something were to happen with an earthquake and a section got cracked, you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire wall. It’s just certain sections. And that’s it. And you’re done with it. If you have any other safety concerns, contact us.

For those who live in California, is stackwall precast concrete fence safe? what about earthquakes? Nicole talks about what problems to expect or avoid by installing precast concrete fence.Unsure about stackwall precast fence? check out other stackwall videos or email directly to and they will suggest the best option.

Need a fence for your house or a commercial project? Not sure which fence is the best? Talk to us, we can guide you and suggest the best choice for you! ~ Nicole

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