Consider Installing Concrete Wall Fences at wholesale prices!

Consider Installing Concrete Wall Fences at wholesale prices!

When deciding on the type of fence to put up on the property there are several factors that need to be considered before you can make an informed decision. Cost can be one of the main concerns, but more often than not there are other features that can be more important such as maintenance, longevity, ease of installation or replacement, and overall aesthetics. Each of the different construction materials for the fence project has its list of positives and negatives, but for more applications than not, a concrete wall fence comes out on top.

Concrete wall fences have the winning combination of cost effectiveness, fast installation, seemingly maintenance free longevity, recycled building materials and appealing facades that are customizable. They also increase the value of the property. Not convinced yet? read on.

The idea of concrete walls often conjure up strong images of grey, flat structures that are used for industrial buildings, but the new concrete wall fences are able to combine the strength and durability of old with a new eye pleasing design and quality. The facilities that put together these quality pieces control every aspect of the design and building quality leaving enough room for customization. This attention to detail yields components that are ultra-durable and last a lifetime. Concrete can be created and treated for vastly different results and depending what the process is and how well these factors are accounted for; ultimately resulting in very different concrete qualities. Making sure that the manufacturer and supplier of these concrete wall fences are creating them in optimal conditions will ensure that the quality of building supplies is the highest available, while still being cost effective.

Costs associated with traditional concrete work are further reduced by the fact that with a concrete wall fence the components are developed by a concrete professionals such as Stackwall. Having all of the difficult and variable factors of concrete walls preformed at the facility instead of the job site will ensure that a quality and consistent product is produced every time. Once you have determined the needs for the job site most of the work will be done before the concrete is delivered. Since the concrete wall segments can be dropped into place without needing a long cure time at the job site the installation, or future replacement, takes very little time and not as much manpower.

As there are a number of different styles and colors to match most things today, concrete wall fences are no exception. The accents or surface designs will be able to perfectly suit any application or designer’s plans with a virtually unlimited customization. The pigments and colorings are mixed prior to casting at the manufacturing facility in order to ensure that the color is consistent throughout the concrete wall. Customizable molds can add any accent or pattern that you or the homeowner desires, even going so far to mimic other wall fence materials such as wood, brick, or cobblestone. This can all be done to achieve the look of the material without sacrificing any of the benefits that concrete wall fences have to offer.

Concrete wall fences will last as long you require them to. With the cost savings and the ease of installation you will be able to upgrade or swap them out as needed; if you want an aesthetic change. The advantages of concrete fences over traditional building methods make them the ideal choice for a variety of construction and home renovation applications. Using concrete wall fences will let you harness the best and most cost effective technology available today while still having the aesthetically pleasing qualities of the traditional building materials.

If you are a contractor or an architect who is interested in offering Stackwall concrete wall fences to your customers, this low maintenance, ready to install option at wholesale prices might be a great add-on to your proposals and landscape projects. Contact us for details.

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