Offer More To Your Customers by Considering Installing Concrete Wall Fences

When deciding on the type of fence to put up on a property, there are several factors that need to be considered before you can make an informed decision. Cost can be one of the main concerns, but more often than not there are other features that can be more important such as maintenance, longevity, ease of installation or replacement, and overall aesthetics. Each of the different construction materials for a fence project has its […]

The Pros and Cons of Wood, Vinyl, Metal or Concrete wall fences. Let’s Compare!

With all of the choices that are available to you when you decide that you need a fence, choosing the correct building material for this fence can seem like an overwhelming task. Fences are necessary to divide property, provide privacy, protect from fires and winds, keep animals out, or even sometimes in. The building materials that are available are immense and each comes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some of the more popular […]

Installing a New Fence – Etiquette Tips for Avoiding Neighbor Disputes

Like the saying goes, “Good fences make good neighbors” – but only if both sets of neighbors are thoughtful and kind about placement, design, maintenance and choice of fence materials. Residents can foster neighborly love by following the fence etiquette tips listed below. 1. Research zoning & HOA regulations Every town has slightly different regulations about fencing, but some regulations are fairly common. For example, most American cities limit backyard and side yard fences to […]

Concrete Wall Fences: The Natural Choice of the Best Contractors and Landscape Architects of Southern California

Beautiful architecturally designed concrete fence walls have proven to be a valuable resource for contractors and landscape architects all over California, especially Southern California. The concrete fence walls that are now available can be adapted to meet your specific projects requirements no matter what they may entail. The most valued benefit of this solution is the ability to be constructed quickly while still allowing for the flexibility to alter the wall if necessary. As the […]

Top 30 Most Beautifully-Designed Buildings in the World, Past and Present

There are so many historically and architecturally beautiful buildings that are worth seeing at least once before you leave this earth. Most of these are castles from the days of yore, when palaces were constructed as fortified fortresses, when money was no object, when prime lands were still aplenty and when royalty demanded the best in living quarters, often employing world-renowned architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen to create large-scale architectural wonders. In present times, such […]

Dividers – Creative, Practical, Innovative and Fun Ways To Use Them

Homeowners sometimes run out of ideas on how to achieve some form or privacy inside the home. This is especially true when their house has an open plan; where it is up to the owners to divide and section off large areas of the house or rooms. Room dividers are one handy and nifty way to enclose an area, giving it a sense of privacy as well as additional room or area accent. With the […]

Top 13 Clever & Amazing Garden Designs

1. Villa Lante in Rome Reference: These stunning gardens in Rome, Italy use shapes from stone and bushes to create a stunning look. These gardens date back to the Renaissance period and were originally designed for Cardinal Gambara. 2. Katsura Imperial Palace Garden Reference: The Katsura Imperial Palace Garden in Japan was first built for the PrinceToshhihito, and makes a feature out of the lake, which was dug out especially, using natural stone […]

Best Apps for Landscape Designers & Architects

Apps are not only meant for people who work in offices. There are also apps that can help landscapers in doing their job better. Listed below are some of the best apps landscape artists can use to make it easier to create designs and come up with concepts. Flowerpedia Platform : iOS Price : $4.99×466-75.jpg This nice app for the iPhone and iPad serves as a good reference for everything about flowers. It is […]

Fence and Wall Cost Comparison

Wood                                                            Pros: Beautiful and versatile. Wood is great for privacy fences because slats can be placed tightly side-by-side. Wood can come in a wide variety of designs, unlike steel, aluminum or vinyl, which are limited to styles that manufacturers offer. Cons: Most wood, even if treated, […]

Concrete Home & Garden Ideas For Halloween

Is your house and garden spooky enough for Halloween? Halloween is the time of the year when kids go trick or treating. If it is a fun day for kids; it could be for adults too! Decorate the entire home to make it perfect for the occasion. Many people think that as long as they can create a spooky vibe, it is good enough for Halloween. As a result, they mash up just about anything […]

Top 33 Terms Used by Landscape Architects and General Contractors

Below is a list of terms Architects and Contractors use often. Don’t see a term that should be on this list?  Send us an email and we will gladly add it in with a link back to the contributor. Air rights – In real estate development, this refers to a right or an easement to the empty space above a property owned or leased. Property owners basically have air rights attached to the land or […]

Sito Fido Sit…How Stackwalls Keep Your Dogs in Your Yard

Dogs are man’s best friend, but not when you’re looking at the splinters of your fence littering your yard. You still love your dog, but as far as best friends go, you’re not feeling that cozy right now. It is natural behavior for dogs to chew on things and there are training tips available to help teach your dog to stop eating your fence, but how about not having to deal with this in the […]