4 Concrete Maintenance Tips You Should Practice

4 Concrete Maintenance Tips You Should Practice

Concrete maintenance is something that is oddly overlooked but very important. Sure, concrete is one of the most durable, long lasting materials around, but maintaining the look at health of it can extend that even further and keep it from looking dirty. Cracks will develop and substances will stain but they don’t have to fester. Utilizing concrete in your residential or commercial project means you made an investment. Protect this investment by using these concrete maintenance tips!

Clean Up That Concrete!

Concrete is prone to dirt and grime, and it can give your concrete a nasty and old appearance. If you notice grim and dirt starting to build up, act quickly. Don’t let these become permanent fixtures of your concrete. Apply concrete sealant to make sure that cleaning in the future doesn’t become a hassle, and invest in some concrete cleaning solutions. Sometimes though, even some soap and a hose will do if you just need to get it done!

Fill in the Cracks!

Keeping cracks from building up goes a long way in increasing the lifespan of your concrete. Water finds its way into these cracks and causes issues with the sub grade, making normal wear and tear more devastating in the long run. Fixing cracks as soon as they appear is vital for maintaining the structural integrity of your concrete.

Don’t Overdo It!

Make sure your concrete is designed to handle your needs. Not all concrete driveways are built to handle huge truckloads. Heavy duty vehicles do make their way over concrete every day, but during the installation phase, be sure to keep in mind what exactly will be on or around your concrete and plan accordingly!

Do NOT Expose it to De-icing Chemicals

This one is mostly for people from parts of the country with heavy winter weather. De-icing chemicals are designed to not only remove snow, ice, or frost, but also delay ice from reforming. These chemicals make prevention and removal easier, but they also break down the chemical makeup of concrete. This is especially bad if you have newer concrete. Try some alternatives if you come across a snowy situation and do concrete maintenance right!

Concrete maintenance doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to happen for the health and safety of your concrete investment. For more information or some wonderful concrete designs, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or just visit our website. We have plenty of options for your concrete needs!

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