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Fencing on property

Types of Fences for Your Home

Fences serve many purposes. They can demarcate property lines to show where your land ends. They can provide an enclosure for a pet or a support system for plants, like fruit trees and vegetable patches. They can give your backyard some privacy and prevent neighbors from seeing everything you do. They can even simply be stylish additions to give your home some flair. No matter what purpose, your fence should

A corroding wall

10 Famous World Walls

The wall is a basic foundation of architecture, but it also functions as the background for art installations, defense systems, fortifications, reinforcements, design, and more. Check out these 10 famous walls below! Market Theater Gum Wall Although not a wall in the traditional sense, the Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle is one of the most well-known walls in America. It’s located underneath Pike Place Market, a prominent tourist attraction,