Stackwall concrete brick fence designs capture a romantic and rustic charm of molded concrete bricks that look like they’ve been imported from century old European dwellings. Rustic textures in an old-world spirit are sure appeal to any homeowner, business owner, architect, developer, engineer or contractor to complement the overall visual appeal of any property.

More refined and straight-range style concrete bricks are also available with the Victorian or Iron Twister. The best part about these concrete brick fence styles is that you don’t get stuck with a boring concrete brick wall, but instead have the option to have beautiful, intricately styled top concrete fence designs not available through any other prefab concrete wall manufacturer. Spindled columns, beaded borders, or textured bricks add to the various concrete brick wall designs to choose from without the brick wall price tag.

A typical panel length is about 6.5″ long x 20″ tall x 1.5″ thick and can be customized in height from 2 to 8 feet tall. We offer 5 integrated color options including Red, Brown, Terra Cotta, Charcoal and Buff.

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