Why Stackwall Concrete Wall Fences

Why Stackwall Concrete Wall Fences

Why Concrete – Invest In Stackwall Precast Concrete Wall Fences

Find out reasons why Stackwall precast concrete walls are your best choice!

My name is Nicole and my father is the owner of Stackwall. I’m telling our story on behalf of him because he’s running around Los Angeles on projects as we speak. So, the background with him, he did grow up in Europe, in Poland. He became a contractor here in the States when he moved over in 1981. And he loves his job. He’s one of those rare people that do love their jobs. He loves to build buildings, walls, anything it is, and for it to be a part of a city and he can drive by and say, “I did that.”

On a recent trip to Europe a few years ago, he noticed a lot of the concrete prefabricated walls and realized that they’re not very popular here in the States, specifically in California. So of course a little lightbulb went off in his head and he wanted to bring that over and for clients, small and large, everybody, homeowners, businesses, to take advantage of this product. That’s how Stackwall came about in 2005. It’s always been a family business. His wife helped out with the property and to start it and put it all together and my brother, his son, was helping out as well and I try to help out as much as I can. We all believe in this product because we really love it. It’s nice, it’s different especially and it’s going to last a while. We all love our beautiful California weather, but it can get hot so wood doesn’t really last too long and concrete is concrete. It’s going to last forever. Hence, us bringing it over here and introducing it to you.

Stackwall Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing prefab concrete fence and wall systems as well as other decorative outdoor cement products for residential, homeowner, contractor, developer, engineer, architect, and commercial and industrial associations

Stackwall Manufacturing has been involved in manufacturing concrete prefab fences systems since early 2005, serving the greater southern California area and open to service any other areas in the country. Our company is driven to provide the highest quality of service and product to our customers, such as residential, homeowner, contractor, developer, engineer, architect, and commercial and industrial associations.