About Stackwall

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Stackwall’s precast concrete fences were originally developed in Europe and we wanted North America to have access to this type of wall option.  We opened or doors in 2005 but have a combined contracting and remodeling experience of over 30 years.

We are a family run business and manufacture all our products on site in Pomona, CA.  We strive in using high-grade concrete for all our products, reinforce all materials with ¼” steel rebar and offer more design options than any other precast fence manufacturer on the market. During the manufacturing process permanent color is added to the wet concrete mix and include 5 different color – Buff, Red, Terra Cotta, Charcoal and Brown.

Our products are designed to withstand deterioration related to termites, fire, warping, fading, winds,  ground movement and weather conditions. Our precast concrete fences are designed to appear as if they are made of natural stone, crafted wood or several types of brick.  We provide installation services in the greater Los Angeles area as well as shipping to areas outside of our installation zone including out of state shipping.

We strive to provide a high quality product in a timely matter with hassle-free installation at competitive price points and most of all want to make our customers feel rest assured they own a product that will last for decades.


How are Stackwall Wall Fences Manufactured?

Stackwall concrete fences and walls are professionally manufactured, rebar reinforced modular components that interlock seamlessly when installed. Since the concrete fences come as sets, they are manufactured and assembled to fit any yard. The columns are supported by a rigid support system and can be modified to meet most any installation needs.

Over 100 attractive designs allow homeowners to complement any home style. Stackwall’s concrete wall fences and concrete walls have the flexibility to be painted any color to satisfy homeowner preference or to match existing architectural structures. They complement all types of landscaping and enhance the beauty of flowers and shrubs.

There are a variety of patterns available with custom finishes to match your existing building or home. The concrete fence wall system is a perfect, affordable choice for all homeowner associations, residential applications, and for commercial and industrial development installations. The entire wall sections can be modified to meet most of any installation need. This sturdy method does not require a continuous footing for its support like masonry fence walls do. Our concrete walls are the strongest, safest, easiest, and fastest concrete fence wall on today’s market. Since we don’t need expensive continuous footing, our walls reduce the installation expenses.

As you can see by the features mentioned above, the concrete fence wall system is by far the superior choice for your next fence project. Got questions? We can help, contact us.